Will Towing a Trailer Damage My Vehicle?

Inconveniences on the road are always inevitable. There will be times that you will be needing help or assistance coming from a professional company when it comes to lifting your vehicle up and transporting it in times of accidents or engine failure. If you have not experienced towing services firsthand, you probably have a lot of questions about the service, and one of those is if it damages the car or not.

Towing, in general, is not rocket science. Companies use techniques as well as specialized tools and equipment to get the job done. So long as you are hiring only Kanata professional towing service, rest assured that there will be no damages be done to your vehicle. However, not all services are created equal, and so we will share with you the possibility of damage when you hire a not-so-reputable company.

What are the Damages that a Towing Service May Pose?

So, does a towing service really cause damage? Yes, it could. Mainly. Damages can happen to the transmission and the wheels. If the transmission process is not done properly or the lifting process, you may end up damaging your engine, tires, linkages, and transmission.

This can be experienced by both automatic and manual transmissions. However, as we mentioned, so long as you hire only a professional company that has skilled drivers and workers, with the proper tools and equipment to use as well as proper training, you do not need to worry about posing damages to your vehicle.

To be sure, we gather here tips that towing services want you to do to avoid damaging the cars they lift and transfer:

1.Putting the transmission in neutral

Engaging in neutral gear is crucial. When the wheels are not able to turn neutral during the while towing process, there is a tendency that your vehicle will end up being dragged along the road.

2.Rear driveshaft

The rear driveshaft is suggested to be temporarily removed from the vehicle and that the rear wheels are on the ground.

3.Keep the manual close

It is always better to be prepared than to be sorry. To make sure that you are well equipped with information and knowledge, we advise that you keep your manual with you so that when the towing service needs some guidance on how to operate your vehicle in a proper way, you can provide them the manual that contains all the information about the engine and system. Remember that not all vehicles are created the same. There will be a difference in the kind of vehicles they use compared to yours, so it is better if you have a manual.

4.Stay calm

When you are suddenly caught on the road, whether it is because of tire or engine failure, you need to stay calm and wait for the help to arrive. Do not do anything before the professionals arrive, and allow them to take control of the situation.

Final Thoughts

It is comforting to think that there are services that offer help whenever we have inconveniences on the road. So, whenever you are caught in one, do not hesitate to call for help.