What Should You Do Before You Start Enrolling Your Child for Piano Lesson?

Starting piano lessons with your kid sooner can be advantageous for them. However, do not simply enroll them and let them attend piano class. Ensure to do the steps below before your child attends their first-ever music lesson.   

Purchase a piano of your own  

 The first step you need to do is to buy a piano for you to use at your house. Having your piano can make practicing a lot easier at the comfort of your home. The easier it is for your child to practice, the more likely they will be doing it. With an accessible piano, your kids can simply use it whenever they want to have some fun or when they want to practice. Though acoustic pianos are great, there are other piano options—such as digital pianos— that you can buy that would take up less area. Never hesitate to hire a professional Central Jersey piano tuning service if in case your pianos get off-key.  

Have an adjustable piano stool  

Similar to how having a piano in your house makes it easier to practice music, having a seat at the perfect height can go a long way. When your kids need to sit and strain in an uncomfortable position, they won’t enjoy playing the piano. That’s why it’s important to invest in an adjustable piano stool, which you can easily adjust once your kid grows.  

Enjoy singing with your kids while listening to music  

Select a few piano pieces of music to play for your children to open them to the potential of doing a piano performance. Look for piano music that you enjoy or piano covers of pop songs. Guarantee to let them hear different music genres as well and not only those kinds that they usually like listening to on their own. You can also expose your kids to more musicals and plays.  

See live concerts with them  

Being able to witness art in action can inspire your kids to want to play the piano. Going to a live concert is a crucial investment in the future of your kid’s musical growth and the interest of your child in general. If you want to watch some in the comfort of your home, you can always check YouTube for more videos about an amateur, semi-professional, and even professional piano players.  

Establish clear expectations for your kid  

Before you let them start taking piano lessons, make sure to talk with them and come up with a few shared expectations. Agree on what time of the day you’ll practice and make sure to commit to that schedule. The length of your time for practice does not need to be that much. Rather, you can start from building toward longer sessions and always be consistent.   

Ask yourself whether you can use up some of your energy and time for this endeavor  

Set aside time just for playing the piano. If you and your kids have a packed schedule, then you might be required to leave another task to commit piano playing into your everyday schedule.  

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